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Our Process

You’re already walking down the path of wellness. You’re here, reading this, which means you have intentionally taken the necessary steps toward prioritizing your health of both mind and body.

Optimal Male TRT does not accept insurance. You can read about why in our blog post

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Book online appointment

Book an appointment easily online  If you prefer, you can call us to book your appointment so we can discuss a treatment objective and set a goal for your future health



Lab draw

We will request that blood be drawn at a convenient lab facility close to your home to determine your hormone levels to see if you are appropriate for therapy


Intake forms

Complete our intake forms to obtain your medical history and current symptoms in order to evaluate your personalized treatment plan

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In-person visit

Unlike many medical offices, we will dedicate an entire hour to your first in-office visit, to discuss your current state of health, review your lab results, perform a complete physical exam, and discuss your goals.

Only the initial visit is an in-person face-to-face visit


Set up subscription

Optimal Male TRT operates as a subscription service. Pay a monthly fee, and your medications will be automatically shipped to your home, and lab draws will be ordered on a three-monthly schedule.


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Start medication

If appropriate, we will start you on testosterone therapy, and arrange to have medications sent to your home for you to administer according to a prescribed schedule. If you need assistance with administration, we can provide help

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Follow-up labs

We will schedule further lab draws every 3 months to ensure your levels are optimal. Once again, you can do these at a location near your home or wherever is convenient for you. Once stable, these lab draws can be drawn on a 6-monthly basis


Follow-up visit

You will have a follow-up telemedicine visit every 3 months after your repeat labs, either by phone or by video-call, from the comfort and convenience of your home or office, to assess how you are responding to the treatment, and to make changes as necessary.



Feel fabulous!

Once we have optimized your testosterone levels, you can continue with your treatment, and we'll continue to follow-up with you. Once you realize how good you feel you'll want to continue with your therapy long-term. Subscription-based care makes this easy

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