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Low T Symptoms

As men age, they produce less testosterone required for normal physical performance and sexual enjoyment. Low testosterone levels can also lead to other issues such as muscle loss, fatigue, decreased sexual desire, mood swings, memory loss, depression, and anxiety.

Hormone replacement therapy can reverse these symptoms by boosting low testosterone levels and correcting hormone imbalance. Men receiving testosterone replacement therapy can see an increase in energy, performance, sexual virility and improved feelings of well-being, as well as reduced body fat, decreased mood swings, increased strength and improved mood.

Otherwise known as andropause or hypogonadism, low testosterone in men causes unpleasant and distressing symptoms.

Do you have symptoms of Low T?


Have you lost your edge? If you feel as though you’re constantly tired, even when you wake up, and your motivation is suffering, everything in life can feel like it's a chore. Get your mojo back by addressing your low testosterone levels!

Low Sex Drive

Many men experience a reduced sex drive as they age, usually due to adult-onset hypogonadism. Addressing your low T can work wonders to restore that healthy balance.

Weight Gain

Do you feel like trying to lose weight as you age becomes an insurmountable obstacle? Depression, inactivity and fatigue can all contribute to gaining weight. Addressing your testosterone levels can help restore that balance and allow you to lose weight.

Muscle Loss

Without testosterone it's impossible to build muscle. If you’re losing muscle mass, or finding it difficult to build new muscle, you may have low testosterone.


Sleep can be in short supply when hormones are out of balance, so many men develop a profound appreciation for sleep once their testosterone levels are restored to normal.


Are you grouchy, easily frustrated or quick to get angry? Have you noticed you're more irritated by little things because you're not feeling at your best? Restoring your T level can do wonders for your mood.


If you’re wondering why you're feeling down and unmotivated, there’s a reason. Low serotonin leads to depression. Low testosterone equals low serotonin.

Memory Loss

Do you find yourself suffering from brain fog, poor concentration or diminished mental acuity? If you aren’t feeling as sharp as you used to, andropause/hypogonadism/Low T may be the cause.

Erectile Dysfunction

E.D. affects roughly 30 million men in the United States. We understand it is often difficult to talk about, but we are here to listen, and most importantly, we can help!

Hot Flashes

That’s right—men have hot flashes, too. We’ve found they trouble about 20% of our clients prior to restoring testosterone.

Prostate Conditions

Balanced hormones, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle is a great way to prevent prostate conditions.​

Sleep Apnea

Sleep apnea causes oxygen deprivation, and aggravates other andropause symptoms. It can also affect your energy levels and alertness.


A reduction in bone density is more common than you might think in andropausal men. Through balanced hormones, be health can be maintained.

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