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What are some natural ways of increasing testosterone?

There are several natural ways to increase testosterone levels. Some of these include:


Exercise is one of the most effective ways to prevent many lifestyle-related diseases and can also boost your testosterone levels. Resistance training, such as weightlifting, has been shown to boost testosterone levels in the short term1.

Eat a balanced diet:

Eating a balanced diet with enough protein, fat, and carbs can help maintain healthy testosterone levels. Consuming plenty of healthy fats may also help support testosterone levels and hormone balance1.

Minimize stress:

Chronic stress can elevate cortisol levels which can negatively impact testosterone production.

Get enough vitamin D:

Vitamin D is important for maintaining healthy testosterone levels.

Get enough sleep:

Sleep is important for overall health and well-being and can also impact hormone production.

Avoid estrogen-like chemicals:

Certain chemicals found in plastics and other products can mimic estrogen in the body and disrupt hormone balance.

Reduce alcohol consumption:

Excessive alcohol consumption can negatively impact testosterone production.

In summary, there are several natural ways to support healthy testosterone levels including exercise, eating a balanced diet, minimizing stress, getting enough vitamin D and sleep avoiding estrogen-like chemicals and reducing alcohol consumption.

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