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Welcome to Optimal Male TRT!

Updated: Apr 6, 2023

Do you need Testosterone Replacement Therapy?

The answer to that is likely yes, if you're here looking for answers as to why you've not been feeling your best. Perhaps you're tired, fatigued or lacking energy. Perhaps you've lost the drive you used to have, or maybe you are experiencing sexual dysfunction and have decided enough is enough. You want to get back to the person you used to be!

You don't have to accept a slow, steady decline, that many people associate with getting older. You don't have to say goodbye to your sexuality, and you don't have to accept your changing body, that feels weaker and weaker with every passing year. There is an answer!

As men age, with every decade comes an equivalent drop in their natural testosterone levels. Usually, a man first notices he does not feel in optimal health between the ages for 40 to 60.

What can be done?

Exogenous (meaning from external sources) testosterone can replace a man's endogenous (meaning an internal source) own testosterone, restoring health and quality of life. Optimal Male TRT 's goal is to help men restore their feeling of wellbeing, strength and energy with testosterone replacement. We hope these blog posts will answer some of your questions, but if you have more, and would like to be evaluated by our health care professionals, please contact us and make an appointment. We're here to help!

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